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Breast Development


Breast Enlargement

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Beast development begins at puberty, when a young woman’s body receives chemical signals from the pituitary gland. These signals orchestrate powerful changes in a young woman’s body. Breast tissue growth occurs most efficiently with the balanced presence of human growth factor hormones. Improper imbalances of these hormones lead to poor breast development.

This Capsules promote healthy breast tissue development. The ingredients of Capsules have been selected and formulated for their estrogenic like qualities. The ingestion of these botanicals stimulates the body to replicate the process of the growing stage experienced during puberty. The mammary glands are re-awakened and new, healthy breast tissue develops, while existing tissue plumps out. These Capsules not only keep the breasts firm, they visibly enhance and uplift sagging breasts. Full-figured women with large or sagging breasts will report that breast size remains stable or increases with firmness. The process is natural, safe and highly effective and is non-hormonal.

in pack of 90 capsules.

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Breast Development Cream

Breast cream is the most safe and convenient way to possess beautiful breasts. It is considered to be very effective and natural breast firming product. This product contains a proprietary blend of various potent herbs. These herbs are well known for their ability to maintain appropriate balance of hormones in females, which helps in obtaining more fuller, firmer, uplifted and enlarged breasts.
The constituents of this product has ability to nourish and moisturize the breast tissues, which is significant for obtaining fuller and more alluring bust line.

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Breasts grow sporadically at different times in the life of a woman. At some times the growth is rapid, while at other times the growth is so slow that it cannot be observed. However, breasts do keep growing right from the fetal stage till a much later stage in the life of the woman.

In order to better understand the process of breast development, scientists have divided the entire stage of development into five stages. The development journeys from the newborn infant stage until adulthood. The development explained is not just in the size of the breasts; but also in their functionality and shape.

The initial stage of development begins at infancy itself. During this stage the breasts are flat and there is no major distinction between the breasts of male and female infants. But on minute observation, there is a thin milk line on the breasts below the nipples. There could even be a little discharge from this line for a few days after birth. This is the only indication before puberty that the breasts will become functional later on in life. As the woman advances in years, it is this milk line which will develop into full-grown breasts.

The milk line is actually  an external termination point of the milk ducts that lie beneath it. The milk line could be present in both male and female babies at birth. But in males, this milk line disappears later, whereas in females due to the presence of the female secondary sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone, the milk line continues to develop. In some men, the milk line may not disappear at birth due to hormonal imbalances. This is what causes the condition of men having breasts, known medically as gynecomastia.


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